Yalkezian Foundation works with rural communities in Armenia.

We thank you for taking the time to see our work! 
The Yalkezian Foundation conducts humanitarian work in Armenia
and surrounding areas, for the advancement of education, preservation of the environment, promotion of health, and relief of poverty.

Advancing education is a a priority for us by building, renovating and/or supplying equipment to educational facilities, and by providing scholarships.

Preserving and protecting the environment is also a priority that we address by developing and/or maintaining trails, planting trees, and providing public utilities including drinking water and sewage treatment facilities.

We promote health by building, renovating, maintaining and /or equipping hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and mental health/social services facilities, and by providing training for mental health and social services professionals.

The Yalkezian Foundation strives to relieve poverty by providing nutrition and basic amenities to schools and villages. 


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